Thursday, November 29, 2018

Get Your Home Listed TONIGHT!

Are you thinking of selling your home?

If so, we should be talking.

Do you recognize this device? This is a Supra Lock-Box. This is what REALTORS® use to secure your home and make SURE no one gets into the home without us knowing about it.

Agents will schedule an appointment, you and I will get alerted via email, text or phone call (we'll plan that ahead) and when the box is opened, another alert goes out.

The time that the box will allow access can be programmed so you know showings can't be scheduled after, let's say, 7pm. (or whatever time you request)

Now that you know how agents will access your home, let's talk about the rest of the process today.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Simple Bathroom Upgrades that Conserve Water

Simple Bathroom Upgrades that Conserve Water

How would you like to have a positive impact on the world... AND your wallet?

I was shocked to read that a sink faucet can put out three gallons of water per minute. [3 gpm]

I've always turned the water off while brushing my teeth and even while lathering in the shower.

This article gives 3 easy tips to save water in the bathroom.

It's worth the short read for details and additional links to products and stats; but, here is the list of Simple Water Saving Bathroom Upgrades...

1) Install a low-flow faucet aerator at every sink

2) switch your showerhead for a water conserving, energy efficient one

3) replace toilets that waste more water than new models

PS: If you are looking to buy or sell a home, please reach out to me.  I can help anyone, anywhere.  Let me help or find and interview a LOCAL Real Estate agent where YOU live (or plan to live).
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