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Get Your Home Listed TONIGHT!

Are you thinking of selling your home?

If so, we should be talking.

Do you recognize this device? This is a Supra Lock-Box. This is what REALTORS® use to secure your home and make SURE no one gets into the home without us knowing about it.

Agents will schedule an appointment, you and I will get alerted via email, text or phone call (we'll plan that ahead) and when the box is opened, another alert goes out.

The time that the box will allow access can be programmed so you know showings can't be scheduled after, let's say, 7pm. (or whatever time you request)

Now that you now how will agents acces your home, let's talk about the rest of the process today.

Give us a call...

Gary Wasylenko
239-237-3001 ~ Text: 314-578-4466

Karen "Wasylenko" Brown

Jon Wasylenko

Visit: for property listings, buyer/seller tips and more...

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